Thursday, July 1, 2010

*HOT* SoBe Lifewater Buy 1 Get 1 Free Coupon Reset (Print 8 Times)!!

As you probably know, SoBe has a fun instant win game you can play called Heads or Tails. If you have SoBe Lifewater on hand (I’m guessing lots of you do because of all the SoBe deals lately), go here and enter the code found underneath the black bottle cap.
You can also play without a code by clicking on one of the characters sitting on the couch. After clicking on them, you’ll twist the bottle cap on the SoBe they’re holding and it will reveal if you’re a winner or not.
Most of you will win buy one get one FREE SoBe coupons! …AND if you’ve already won these previously and reached your print limit, I have great news! It appears the coupon has reset, so you should be able to print another 8 coupons…. yes, 8!! Once you win, hit your browser back button 8 times!! Wahoo!! I’m lovin’ this high print limit!