Monday, November 1, 2010

In case you didn't know, there is something called the 3-3-2 Rule. It means that the first 3 Days usually discount items at 50% off, the next 3 days discount at 75% off and then the last 2 days are at 90% off.

You will usually want to wait until items hit the 90% off mark. But when there is another Holiday close behind, these time frames usually get smashed together a lot faster. And, people who don't know the 3-3-2 rule will usually purchase everything at the 50% off mark. If they only knew they could get another 40% off by waiting a few days, it would help us all out. But since they don't, Halloween is one of those Holidays that I do purchase most of the clearance items the day after Halloween.
Tip: Take ANY and ALL coupons with you that could have Halloween packaging on it. Those items will be clearanced as well (Halloween Paper Towels, Oreo Cookies).