Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ready for another Daily Deal Site?

Rue-La-La is offering a $20 Credit for Free, when you sign up through a referral link until October 25th! The $20 credit will take about 48 hours to show up in your account, but then you can use that $20 to purchase anything on their site. And, you have until Dec 31st to use the credit. So, you can wait for something you really want to show up!Instead of being like Most Daily Deal sites, this one is more like a 2-3 day sale on everything from Kitchenwear, Clothing, Travel, Beauty Items, Gift Items and more! Every few days the sale items change and you get a new set of discounted items!I'm excited to see what they have over the next month or so! So, get signed up and get your credit. You should be able to get items for free with the credit, depending on the items you want to purchase.**You MUST sign up before Oct 25th to get the $20 in your account!